Quality Assurance Engineer

Телефоны: +38 044 45 900 46
Контактное лицо: Наталия
Возраст: 22-25
Пол: Мужчина  
Образование: Высшее  
Стаж работы: 3 - 5  
Рубрика: Вакансия  
Quality Assurance Engineer is invited for working at an interesting and complicated international web project.
We are looking for not merely an experienced professional but for an enthusiastic really fond of his/her job and just a GOOD PERSON!!!
Candidate must have 1.5-3 years of experience in overall software/web-based Quality Assurance testing.
Develop and implement Quality Assurance procedures.
Advance knowledge of Black Box and White Box testing.
Setting up Testing Enviroment.
Must have strong background in writing and maintaining test cases defect reporting defect verification.
Create and perform automated test cases and scripts.
Knowledge of web technologies (html PHP CSS XML).
Knowledge of relational database (MS SQL).
Advance knowledge of Linux Windows 2K3 Client / Server.
We guarantee adequate salary (official) comfortable conditions of work and social insurance for our emloyees!
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